Online Dating Growth

Recently we reported attitude changes favoring online dating and studies that revealed number of users in primarily North America, United Kingdom and areas of Europe.  Today, we can still report on the increasing number of users in each of those countries, growth of users in the age groups and we can also share with you that online dating  has become much more global growing significantly in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, all of Europe and our own dear Latin America.

This article is to share with you the reasons LatinConexiones and other sites are growing.   The most important reason for the growth and most important reason growth will continue is because

Online Dating WORKS!

The opportunity to find new friends and build new relationships around the world is exciting.  The ability to stay connected with friends or family that have moved to another city or country helps to keep that family bond.  The possibility to meet that person who will become the most special person in your life is no longer a wish but very real.  The ability to communicate with that person and begin to build the relationship before that first date is one of the major reasons that online dating is surpassing bars or clubs as a social setting.  Online dating has become more than socially acceptable.

Use of online dating sites in the 18 – 24-year old group has led the growth because they grew up online.  But what is helping significantly is the growth of users in the 55 – 64-year old group.  That age group now views online dating as socially acceptable.   The market was dominated by the 25 – 34 year-old group but that may change.  The past 2 years have seen phenomenal growth around the world.

Another reason for the growth is that a higher percentage of the population of dating age people around the world who are single is increasing.  People are waiting a little longer than in the past to marry and people who are in unhappy relationships are reentering the market as single people.

Online dating is becoming safer, more private, easier to use and in some cases more fun.  There are new laws to govern the safety controls built into dating sites and new technology to comply with those laws.  The online dating industry now has a Safety Council to help all sites to know, understand and implement the safety requirements.

The same is true for privacy.  There are industry wide standards that are being established and new laws in some countries that control what site owners must do to protect their members.  LatinConexiones is very serious about the Safety and Privacy of our community members so we do not permit advertising on our site and we do not permit sign-ups from other social media sites.  We feel the best way to help protect our members is to limit their exposure while on our site.   As more members become more comfortable about being on a dating site the growth will continue.

As dating sites become easier to use with functionality improvements and new easier to access features more members will be interested to join.  LatinConexiones is in its third iteration to improve usage and allow users to have more fun while searching for new friends.  Some sites have blogs developed specifically to help educate and inform users while online.  We have LatinConexionesMedia that is designed for all levels of users.

Another contributing phenomenon to the growth of online dating is the willingness of people to meet, fall in love and marry across borders and cultures.  In the past different languages were a barrier.  Today, we are seeing that people are increasingly open to relationships with people who speak different languages and come from different countries.

Interestingly, 73% of millennials, 65% of those age 37 – 53 and 53% of those age 54 and above found that someone who speaks a different language are actually more attractive.  This should make the Latino community more excited as our brothers and sisters in the Latin countries are already considered among the most beautiful in the world.  In a major survey, 92% of singles reported they are interested in learning another language.

For years the number one way to meet a potential partner was through friends.  An interesting phenomenon is now occurring where people who meet others online are also introducing their friends to the new people they are meeting online.  This practice will also grow and contribute to additional growth of online dating.

Our lives have become fuller and our responsibilities of work and maybe children have limited our ability to go to clubs and bars to hopefully meet someone.  Toward the end of the day it is so much easier to relax and search an online dating site and view so many people in a short time.  There is someone out there for everyone and if we conduct ourselves safely we can build great friendships with anyone around the world.  Many of those relationships will grow.


Here at Latin Conexiones Media, we believe everyone has a match out there in the world. Our website is designed for every aspect of Latin dating culture, and we give the community a way to connect with friends, family, and associates.



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