Sexual Health

Much of the information in our other articles on this site has stressed the importance of communication to develop a new relationship online to help provide a safe environment and to help safeguard privacy.  LatinConexiones stresses that, along with communication, education and information are the most effective tools you can use to have the best […]

Background Checks

One of the most controversial subjects in the Online Dating Industry right now is background checks.  The growth of online dating has dramatically increased the chances for users to find a mate.  The reality of the internet Getting online for any reason also makes it easier to come into contact with unscrupulous and even dangerous […]


The History of matchmaking Matchmaking has a history that dates back as far as almost 4,000 years ago in cultures where the tradition was that the elders or parents or some other third party believed that the decision to marry was too important to be left to the bride and groom.  Later in our history […]

Online Relationships

Dating in a modern world. Meeting someone online can be a far more attractive option than meeting someone in real life.  Online you get to send an interest, or a message, and then possibly the communication begins.  But here is where the difference begins.  You are in charge of the message and you can, in […]


Lets connect Okay, you posted all of your photos that your membership allows.  You described yourself in “About Me”.  You described the person you are “Seeking” and you completed all of the questions on your profile page.  Now you get to present more of yourself as you begin to communicate with our other members.    […]

Online Dating Etiquette

Setting right the tone The most important first step to establishing your sense of etiquette and the etiquette you expect to receive from persons who are interested in you is in the profile you write in your About Me” section. Spend enough time to make sure you will attract the right kind of person for […]

Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid Part 1

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How to Avoid Online Dating Mistakes   At we strive to help individuals build new and lasting relationships through our online Hispanic dating site.  When it comes to finding your significant other through the internet, there are many ways to create successful profiles that will truly represent who you are as a person.  See below […]

Online Dating Growth

Recently we reported attitude changes favoring online dating and studies that revealed number of users in primarily North America, United Kingdom and areas of Europe.  Today, we can still report on the increasing number of users in each of those countries, growth of users in the age groups and we can also share with you […]

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Are you interested in Latin online dating sites? Look to our Lat Con Media blog as an excellent resource for helping you maximize your overall experience in the online dating industry. We strive to help educate our visitors by offering online dating advice, information, and recommendations to improve the safety and intimacy of your new […]