Writing Your Online Profile


Your online profile is a lot like your online photos.   It is your introduction of yourself to all visitors to your LatinConexiones page and it is your opportunity to make the good first impression that you would like them to see.  The purpose is to share enough about yourself so that others will be […]


We get one chance to make a first impression. LatinConexiones believes that the first impression is so important that we should have several chances to present ourselves and the most important step to demonstrate who we are is through photos.  The following are suggestions from our site and various relationship experts to help your photos be most […]


Profiles and dating back in the day… Many years ago in the 1800s people would meet potential partners in their country or other countries via the existing mail/postal system.  They would write letters describing the area they lived, a full description of their appearance, their accomplishments, their existing status (rich, unmarried, successful), and what they […]

Online Abuse

Online Abuse

We care about you The mission of LatinConexiones is to build a community-oriented site where members can relax and enjoy their time meeting new friends, connecting with old friends, searching for that very special person and feel safe and comfortable during their visit.  We constantly remind our members that safe practices and protection of privacy […]


WHAT TO EXPECT FROM ONLINE DATING Knowing what to expect from online dating will give you a better and safer online dating experience. There are different reasons why people choose online dating. It can be because they are new in town, have a job with a tough schedule that won’t allow a regular social life, […]

Online Safety

Online Safety     This page consists of information to guide you while you are online for any site.  If you are successful to meet new friends and dating partners we remind you there is much more information available to guide you while you are offline on a real life date.  Offline dating guidelines are […]